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Created On6/4/2009
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Troubleshooting Memory Failures using AMI BIOS Beep Codes
AMI BIOS is the most popular BIOS used by most motherboard manufacturer- you should be able to determine your system BIOS by reading the screen display on the Top screen during power up.

Procedures – The normal procedure is to power up the PC system, watch for error message on the monitor screen and listen to the PC beep tone. A single beep during boot-up process is normal and does not indicate a failure if the system continues to boot-up.

1 Beep tone - DRAM refresh failure
2 Beep tone - DRAM Parity failure
3 Beep tone - Base 64K RAM failure
4 Beep tone - System timer error
5 Beep tone - CPU failure
6 Beep tone - Keyboard controller error
7 Beep tone - Virtual mode error
8 Beep tone - Display memory read/write error
9 Beep tone - ROM BIOS checksum error
10 Beep tone - CMOS register read/write error
11 Beep tone - Cache memory error
Continous Beep tone - Memory or Video memory failures