Apple MacIntosh Computers Memory

Mac Quadra 700, 900, 950, and MacIntosh II series computers use 30 Pin SIMMs. Installation requires 4 SIMMs per bank of the same value.

Mac IIfx uses 64 Pin SIMM modules.

Mac Plus, Mac SE, Mac Classics, Classic II, Color Classic, Mac LC, LCIII, Performa 200,400, 405, 410, and 430 utilize 30 Pin SIMMs.

New Quadras, newer Performas, and Centris series utilize 72 Pin SIMMs.

Most MacIntosh computers come with onboard permanent memory and can utilize 72 Pin SIMMs 1 at a time.

Mac Performa 6400/180 & 200 models require 168 Pin DIMMs to upgrade.

Memory Type: Fast Page Mode DRAM

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